Treatment of Floaters






Treatment of Floater






There are several possible causes of floaters. The most common is a natural degeneration and possible collapse

of the gel that fills most of the eye (the vitreous). In some cases a hemorrhage may be the cause.



In the overwhelming majority of cases the vitreous debris is only a minor nuisance and requires no treatment.

In some cases the debris is a more persistent problem and interferes with reading or driving, for example.

It is not usually possible for the physician to determine the visual impact the floaters have on an individual.

Only the patient can determine the degree of visual disturbance caused by the floaters.Treatment involves

a procedure called a vitrectomy. This is usually associated with more complex eye problems. The type of

vitrectomy for floaters is the most basic form. It is still a serious procedure and complications are possible.

The risks should carefully discussed and considered. Remember no eye surgery is trivial.