Retinal Detachment




Retinal Detachment and Tear




In tractional retinal detachment is caused by fibrotic scar tissue forming and pulling the retinal away from the
underlying layer.



Tractional retinal detachment’s are often related to severe diabetes in the eye or trauma to the eye.



You may notice a shadow in your peripheral vision or there may seem to be a veil or curtain over your vision. In some
cases, only light can be seen.



A retinal detachment is diagnosed during a dilated eye examination.



A tractional retinal detachment is repaired at an outpatient surgery center.



Some underlying eye conditions are known to have a higher incidence of retinal detachment. In many cases, a laser
treatment to weak or compromised areas of the peripheral retina may reduce the risk of retinal detachment. Safety
glasses and goggles help prevent trauma to the eye that can cause retinal detachment. A healthy lifestyle and careful

management of diabetes is helpful also.